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How To Make Your Children’s Room Interesting

| April 6, 2018 | Charlotte Denton | 0

As a parent you always dream about giving your child the best possible environment to grow up in. The space they spend most of their time, their room can be one of the places you can design so that they feel comfortable and even inspired. Creating a distinct space that involves what your kid like and what can be good would not be very difficult.


The popular trend is to use colours that are considered warm as they are expected to energize and make the atmosphere pleasant. Few warm colours that can be incorporated into kids’ rooms are orange, warm yellow and peachy pink. And similarly, cool colours are relaxing and create a calm ambience. Light blue, lilac, light yellow, mint green or light green are some cool colours to be considered. You can choose the colours for your small children but if your child is at the age where he or she is able to decide what colour they want, let them choose their favourite. In the end, what one really likes is the best for the mind.


Decorations can light up the feel of the room and give it character. So try to select the correct sort of decoration for your kids’ room. Using pillows and bed sheets with unique designs is one way to decorate a room without much effort. An affordable way of decorating is using cheap rugs in that flows with the other aspects of the room. Previously the way of designing and decorating a room for a child was done considering only the gender. Even though this is the main factor considered in many situations, gender neutral designs and decorations are getting popular. While you are in the process of decorating your young son’s room and you see pink rugs for sale do not hesitate to buy one. Use it to add the pop of colour that will make the mood of the room more fun. Using wallpapers with fun and beautiful designs and may be the favourite cartoon character of your kid is also a good way of decorating. Instead of using wallpaper in every wall, try using it on only one or two adjoining walls. Remember to match the colour of the other walls with the wallpaper.


When furnishing your children’s room, try not to make the room look and feel cramped. Putting lots of unnecessary furniture should be avoided. The bed can be twin sized, full sized or queen sized and if you have to put more than one kid in one room, go for a comfortable bunk bed. Other than the bed, a good size wardrobe and a desk where your child can draw or do school work will be enough furniture for the room. Apart from these suggestions you can think on your own and come up with ideas to create a cosy and comfortable space for your child. Whether it is putting a huge white board to draw on or hanging some beautiful pictures or inspiring quotes printed and framed, your children will admire your effort to give them the best.

3 Main Steps To Consider Before Making Your Own Body Scrub

| April 2, 2018 | Charlotte Denton | 0

Using a body scrub is a great way to exfoliate your skin and it also helps in leaving your skin moisturized and supple. However, body scrubs bought from stores can be expensive and most often can contain unnatural and harmful ingredients. Good news is that body scrubs are quite easy to make by yourself and you are likely to have most of the basic ingredients sitting there right in your pantry. This article will list some ways in which you can make your own body scrub and customize it the way you like it.

Purpose of the body scrub

Before making a body scrub you must know where in your body you will be applying it to. This will help determine what kind of ingredients to use. Body scrubs for tough, calloused areas like the heels or elbows will be different from those used on sensitive or tender places such as the face or lips. You can buy bath salts to make certain kinds of scrubs but most scrubs use moisturizing exfoliants such as sugar as one of the main ingredients. After an abrasive scrub like that, you can moisturize your skin with a lotion or body butter afterwards. Remember to use an essential oil or any other colorant with caution as they may cause irritation and allergies.

Choosing the exfoliator

To make a body scrub, you typically use two parts of an exfoliator and one part of a carrier oil of your choice. Exfoliators serve different purposes for example; Good himalayan pink salt is a harsher and more abrasive exfoliator than others and can be used on tough areas of the body such as heels and elbows. It helps in detoxifying the skin. Ground coffee is excellent in making your skin look brighter as it helps tighten blood vessels and is also considered to help hide varicose veins. Sugar however, is the most common exfoliator found in body scrub as it more gentle than the other exfoliators and is excellent in reintroducing moisture back in to the skin.

Choosing a carrier oil

The next step is to choose the carrier oil that helps with your purpose of using a body scrub. Every oil has different properties so research on how they will help you. Olive oil is typically the most common oil that is used as it is found easily and is good for any skin type. Oils such as coconut oil is thick and luxurious and is a great moisturizer however will not work well on oily skin. Almond oil has medium consistency and is absorbed easily on to the skin.

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